Tuesday, September 23, 2003

RHLP / Fedora Project 9.0.93 Update

First thing to note: RHLP has changed its name to Fedora Project and has a nice looking web-site. Moreover, they've merged RHLP with the excellent Fedora Linux who always provided up-to-date cutting edge RPMs for RHL. This is an amazing move - most companies do not go "hey that guy is doing our job better than us, let's merge!" they usually have a NIH (not invented here) mentallity, which I'm very pleased to see that Red Hat does not have.

For those interested (and very few are, I suspect) I updated sylvester (my laptop) from Fedora 9.0.93 to err confusingly the same thing: RHLP 9.0.93 via the following channel on RHN: "Red Hat Linux (Severn) 9.0.93 - Beta Updates".

Those Red Hat people (yes, standing on the shoulders of giants, I know) are making good. This is clearly a good step up from RHL 9 and GNOME 2.4 feels "warm and cozy". And while I can't say exactly what's so much better than the previous 9.0.93 (except epiphany 1.0.0 is a lot better) I can say that, subjectively, it is better. So there.

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