Tuesday, March 28, 2006

FC5 and stuff.

OK. So I'm still feeling rubbish. But enough about me.

Some stuff about FC5. FC5 in a nutshell: Fedora finally catch up with Ubuntu. Suspend works on my laptop (yay!). Using the testing kernel (2069) I can get fglrx to work which means that X no longer runs at speeds of c.1998 :-) I haven't got AIXGL working yet.

FC 1 and 3 were really good, 2 was average and 4 suX0red. Ubuntu's releases have all rocked. But now I can revert to the fold and use my Red Hat knowledge and feel safe and secure in that. :-)

Congratulations to Red Hat, Fedora people and Livna.org for picking up their game and getting back up to scratch.

Around the world:

40+ suggestions to improve GNOME

Manager 2.0 (Kathy Sierra does it again!)

Friday, March 10, 2006

From around the blogosphere....

Porky Prime Cuts:

Someone at Sun linked to this, the most amazingly useful book, with the best customer review ever at Amazon: How to Avoid Huge Ships.

Another Sun-ite linked to FreeMind which looks damn useful.

Changshin Lee ponders over whether we should have Java Widgets. Well yes, Java is a better language for this sort of thing, but I don't have that much RAM. (Can you imagine using 256MB just for a clock :-).

The IT Training Doctor explains how to train properly through the magic of Lego and Harry Potter. He also links to an amusing video of if Microsoft redesigned the iPod packaging.

Creating Eclipse Warnings with AspectJ

A good use of AOP. At last I begin to see the light.

Creating Eclipse Warnings with AspectJ: "We have made some experiments with the creation of an Eclipse Warning to detect the usage of the println in the code. Every time a developer type System.out.prinltn(...), the warning icon appears beside his code. A sample code is provided."