Tuesday, March 28, 2006

FC5 and stuff.

OK. So I'm still feeling rubbish. But enough about me.

Some stuff about FC5. FC5 in a nutshell: Fedora finally catch up with Ubuntu. Suspend works on my laptop (yay!). Using the testing kernel (2069) I can get fglrx to work which means that X no longer runs at speeds of c.1998 :-) I haven't got AIXGL working yet.

FC 1 and 3 were really good, 2 was average and 4 suX0red. Ubuntu's releases have all rocked. But now I can revert to the fold and use my Red Hat knowledge and feel safe and secure in that. :-)

Congratulations to Red Hat, Fedora people and Livna.org for picking up their game and getting back up to scratch.

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Snodge said...

It has Apache 2.2 too, and some nice Xen stuff as well, among otherthings... unfortunately I only have a relatively old PC to run it on at work, so generally I've not really seen any major differences.