Monday, November 10, 2003

Fedora Core 1

Red Hat have released Fedora Core 1 which, lets face it, is a really sh*t name but one I guess we're stuck with.

So what's it like? Pretty tasty. OK, so I spoiled my surprise by using the betas, but I am impressed. Seriously. This is one nicely polished desktop operating environment. This is as good as Ximian Desktop 2 and far superior to XP.

Another thing: no longer will I have users complaining that we've run out of RHN licences thanks to the yum and apt support in up2date. Nice one Red Hat, nice one.

Side note: the Fedora Core 1 (Yarrow) CDs burned fine under Nero5, but RHEL ES 3 CDs fail big time. Weird.

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