Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Hauppauge Win Nova T

Now I don't know whose fault this is, Hauppauge's, MSFT's or what, but I am sick the back teeth of my Win Nova T card. It just doesn't fucking work in any way shape or form.

I can scan for channels and it shows that I am receiving all the channels (at 100% level - I'm almost within line-of-sight and 10km to the transmitter).I receive the EPG fine. I even get the Digital Teletext for BBC Parliament.

However, I receive/display no picture and no sound. Which makes it fucking useless.

If you are intending on buying one of these cards for use under Win XP, I can only recommend that you do not as the drivers are clearly shite.

Of course I really want to use it under Linux, but the instructions and (command-line) interface are fucking awful. I guess I'll have to try though as trying to get hardware working under windows is like hitting your head against a wall that you can't see.

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