Monday, February 23, 2004

Hi-fi stupidity or is it?

Visited Sound and Vision (which I still refer to as "The Hi-Fi Show") on Friday.

Along with the usual array of lovely stuff, I was most impressed by something I didn't believe in: Mains cables. True Colours Industries demoed the difference between standard mains cable and their own "Constrictor" mains cable. The audible difference was astounding: tighter bass, wider soundstage, clearer, "more beatiful" treble. I had to buy one (even though I couldn't really afford it)! So I bought the 6-way block, and the results at home were even better.

The Velvet Underground were clearer and easier to follow. Norah Jones was more musical and, again, clearer. Richard H Kirk and the Aphex Twin were more taught and, yet again, clearer.

It's like a veil has been lifted or I'd cleaned my ears out. It's like a complete hardware upgrade. And yet, I'm scientifically skeptical that these things work!

Orginally published on 11:37 Monday 23 February 2004

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