Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Mandrake 10.0 Community

Upgrading the laptop and my work desktop went pretty smoothly. (Especially on the desktop, where I mounted the 10.0 Community disks on loopback and conned urpmi to look at them there).

My i810 based laptop (Dell Inspiron 2500) is still a bit screwed. For some reason networking is barfed. You can just about get it working but without a default route. Useful. ;-) Sound is as broken as it always has been and the installer flickers like a broken telly. No graphical boot (is that because there's no framebuffer?) Can't get my prism54 card to work either. To be expected really.

Ballsed up my main machine last night. Will fix tonight (using a rescue disk).

Originally published on 13:45 Tuesday 09 March 2004

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