Tuesday, July 20, 2004

My next machine

My home PCs have gone from Pentium 200MMX (+SCSI) to Athlon 700 to Athlon XP 2100+ (1733MHz).

By my reckoning, my next PC should be badged as a "6300" (whatever that means, oh and Intel are dropping such a naming convention). Whatever, what I really want is x86_64 (Athlon 64) and HyperThreading (Pentium 4/Xeon). Will that ever be available? Who knows.

As for disks, I still can't warrant the expense (or noise) of decent SCSI disks (let alone FC-AL ;-). I hope SATA is running at 200 or better by then.

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Snodge said...

My PC's went from 286 16mhz to 486sx 25 (overclocked to 40mhz and stable!) to a P166MMX 166mhz to an Athlon Slot A 600mhz to an Athlon 1800+ XP (1.5Ghz). I've no idea what I want my next PC to be!