Monday, July 05, 2004

Tour de Blog

So the only sporting event that I follow has started. Unfortunately, the only "British" cyclist is not in it (doping...) and the incumbent champion is, as usual, being accused without any proof of being a drugs cheat. (I have ordered L.A Confidentiel

I hope that Lance Armstrong isn't a cheat, because he is a truly amazing cyclist. The last few years have shown him to be at a level beyond everyone else. I hope that this year he actually has some competition; Tyler Hamilton perhaps?

It's a shame about Lance's personal life going pear-shaped (and going out with a pop star - for heaven's sake). Mind you, he does have a bit of a tendency to act like a wanker.

I'm also looking forward to Cippolini winning at least one stage, and for his sake, actually finishing the Tour for the first time.

Vive le tour.

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