Wednesday, August 25, 2004


OK, obviously I never use IE when I'm forced to use Windows, I always use Firefox.

I followed the excellent work of the Fire*/Phoenix group since 0.1, downloading each release/milestone, until I discovered Galeon and later Epiphany.

I love Epiphany - it's simple, GNOME HIG compliant (which is a good thing), but I've switched to Firefox (at work, at least) for some simple reasons: Firefox looks and feels like a fully feldged GNOME application (apart from the icons); Adblock, Sage, other plug-ins; identical interface to the browser I use in XP (damn, I mentioned it)!

Oh, and I love the Firefox icon/branding. Very cute. (By Hicks Design, who seem to have a good eye for design - kudos to them).

Link farm:

  1. Mozilla Europe Firefox page
  2. Firefox site
  3. Switch to Firefox
  4. Take back the web

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