Sunday, August 29, 2004

Midsomer Norton South train station

Took the kids to the "Somerset and Dorset Railway Heritage Trust" - currently consisting of Midsomer Norton South train station and a few hundred yards of relaid track. See these pictures I googled for.

It was the open-weekend and the little ones went on a small (8 inch track?) electric train, that they had laid over the main line. We also rode the footplate of the 1970 diesel engine they have there (they have no other working trains yet) which even though it was a diesel was still pretty schweet.

Along with the usual train paraphenalia (books, videos, and Thomas-related stuff for the children) there were displays about the local wildlife and the Somerset Coal Canal. Old rolling stock was being repaired, refreshments were available, and the children enjoyed the bouncy castle. An Austin A30 sat outside in beautiful condition.

The new "woodland walk" was officially opened: this is a lovely small wood just downhill of the station. The actual new path is very short, but leads you out to the fields beyond, running alongside the old trackbed. There were a fair few birds hopping and flying about in the wood, which made it feel alive.

We all had a great time and I'm looking forward to next year to see how far they've got on.

If you're local and like the idea of a nice amenity for families, or would like to see steam trains in MSN again: why not become a member?

P.S. I am not a trainspotter. I just like trains, history and nature.

P.P.S. When I was younger, MSN always stood for Midsomer Norton, nothing to with the other MSN...

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Snodge said...

Sounds like a cool weekend :)