Monday, November 15, 2004

Blam vs Sage vs Live Bookmarks

I normally use BLAM! as my news reader, I'm still stuck with 1.4.1 instead of the shiny Gecko# using 1.6 series but that's another matter. For some reason, it no longer reads Atom, which is a bummer, as most of my friends use blogger.

Sage (for Firefox/Mozilla) was odd as you were using big old Moz to look at stripped down content. Er, weird. Plus it fscked up terribly on certain Planet sites. (Fedora People, for example).

Firefox 1.0's live bookmarks are interesting but just a little mad. (They're menus and they're dynamic! Brain warp.) At least they use the full power of Moz to render any news you choose to look at.

Can't wait to try BLAM! 1.6 (or fix 1.4) as it's still my favourite all-in-one way of reading news.

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