Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Mandrake 10.2 beta 1

So, if you thought Mandrake 10.0 was shoddy, 10.1 was better, then try 10.2 beta 1. It means I finally get GNOME 2.8 - which means better shortcuts to sftp sites and much more.

Weird things: The clock in the panel is now transparent a la 2.9/2.10. Epiphany 1.4 hasn't been included. (WTF?)

OK, so my laptop doesn't shutdown cleanly, the installer still hates my graphics card (i815) and there's no laptop loveliness for 4 year old laptops (unlike Ubuntu 4.10 which rocked in this regard).

But they're catching up. It's a shame that Ubuntu 5.4 and Fedora Core 4 are snapping at it's heels.


Snodge said...

Should that be MDK is snapping at THEIR heels?!

Anonymous said...

whats new in 10.2?