Tuesday, March 01, 2005

I've blogged before about how rubbish floppies are, but yet we still need to use them for system installs.

Well, RHEL 4 doesn't support booting from floppies, only CDs and USB pen drives.

  • For CD-Rs that means burning a separate one for each "type" of machine (we only really have two types, but what about swap? - we still do that proportional to memory. I sense a standards change coming on :-).

  • For USB keys, we need HP Proliant DL 360/380 G4s at least. 320s and older 360/380s can't boot from USB.

So, in general I'm happy that we can move away from the crap that is floppy disks. (I've never really used them myself). The irony being that I bought 20 yesterday, as we'd run out of the damned things. Sigh.

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