Friday, April 01, 2005

Snap, crackle, pop.

Things achieved this week:
  • Killed Snap Appliance beyond use. Useless piece of fscking shit.

  • Desktop crashed: rpm -Va reports 3800 files (libraries and binaries) of wrong size. Upgrade machine from FC3 to FC3.90 (aka FC4 test1). gdm-binary keeps trashing CPU. Patch gdm to see if it helps, but compilation is sloooow. In fact this PIV 2600 is a fscking dog. I'm sure the PIII 1133 was faster. Certainly my XP2100+ is superfast in comparison.

  • Started to get annoyed at speed of laptop (PIII 800/256MB RAM/10GB disk). Where can I find 1200 quid for new one?

  • Got a lot (1/2?) of my bookmarks on

  • Got Mono working at home. Yay!

  • Read a little about SELinux and Spring Framework

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