Friday, August 05, 2005

Geek blog. Move along please.

Switched from Blam! to Liferea as my GNOME RSS feeder. It now works with flickr RSS feeds and doesn't use 130MB RAM (unlike Blam!).

Web browsers. Well we all know that IE blows, but the whole world is too stupid to change. But which web browsers do I use? Mainly Epiphany the GNOME Gecko-based browser on Fedora and Ubuntu; Opera 8 for Symbian Series 60 (on my Nokia 7610, and yes it is one of those few pieces of software worth buying); and Firefox when I'm forced to use the evil OS. - I've been thinking about chucking out my Fedora Core 4 Athlon XP2100+ desktop and Ubuntu 5.04 PIII 850 laptop and replacing them with (sharp intake of breath) an iBook. Specifically the £699 12' iBook. OK, so I can't afford one today, but that's not the entire point. The point is that for the first time in my life there will be a non-Linux machine in my house (excluding the big AIX boxen that didn't get much use, and the Evil OS partition I need for work). WIll I fart around and put FC4/PPC on it? Probably, but not for much. It's a proprietary OS (with open underpinnings) but it works - it's cheap and I don't have to go through the Jesus-I-hope-it-works-with-linux panic that comes with every hardware purchase.

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