Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Computer Books

Why are computer books so heavy? For example, the Microsoft 70-291 book (which I'm meant to be studying) weighs in at 3lb 9oz (1.614kg) which I am not going to lump around, just for 20 minutes of travel-sick inducing studying on the park and ride.

I really like O'Reilly's Developer's Notebook series though - they're neat and to the point.

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AKM said...

No one actually ever READS computer books - do they?

I find they make brilliant impromptu jenga-style games when the bookshelves have run out of space.

They also make handy steps to the crisp cupboard (for the vertically challenged)...

The sad thing about computer books is they're pretty hard to recycle/give to the poor people.

Anyone want a HotMetal v4.0 book? I rest my case.