Friday, September 09, 2005

Distro tart

Recently, I changed tom (my XP2100 box) to run Mandriva 2006.0 beta 3. Now, RC1 is out but there's no official torrent. No real worry I suppose, but if you want people to use torrents please put them up at the same time as the ISOs...

Today, I upgraded my desktop at work from Ubuntu 5.04 to 5.10 preview release with brand new GNOME 2.12 goodness. Yummy (or "apty" :-). Note: Synaptic may bomb out during an upgrade, forcing an apt-get -f dist-upgrade to be necessary, but other than that, schweet. No latest with Ubuntu, but hey.

Sylvester (the aging laptop) still runs Ubuntu 5.04.

So I don't have any Fedora Core boxes at the mo'. This is weird as I'm such a huge Red Hat apologist/fan-boy. I also recommended to a friend to use Ubuntu for a desktop for his church as it "just works". I mean - it is dead, dead easy.

Can Fedora ever get equal with Ubuntu? Can Mandriva ever catch up? Who knows.

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