Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Sun Hat

So on top of the OpenSolaris kernel there are several projects/rumours.

  1. SchilliX - from Jörg Schilling (famous for cdrecord, star, etc.) "ego project"
  2. BeleniX - Live CD failed on my main machine. "fan project"
  3. Nexenta (GNU/Solaris) - Ubuntu (so, Debian really) on top of OpenSolaris. LiveCD worked on one of my machines. "Venture capital project?"
  4. Pieter Vd Abeele's Metadistribution - Gentoo on OpenSolaris. "Vapourware".
  5. Nevada - Sun Solaris 10 + 1.
The obvious next step is to create an RPM based distro on top of OpenSolaris (e.g. Fedora Core, Red Hat Enterprise Linux respin, OpenSuSE, etc.) Not me obviously. But someone will.

Clearly the name "Sun Hat" is never going to get past Sun or Red Hat's lawyers. :-)

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