Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Cats, (My)Eclipse, Scratching that Itch

So, after 15 years, our cats have come to live with us. Bob (now down to a svelt 12lb) and Shmoo seem pretty happy, although Bob did escape for 48 hours causing me to walk around the neighbourhood, calling "Bobsy" in a ridiculous voice, shaking cat biscuits (in a Sugar Puffs box) and commit several acts of trespass.

Our house is now full of purring, cat hair and "accidents". Plus child 2 running around constantly chasing and attempting to carry the aged felines.

I upgraded Eclipse to 3.2, MyEclipse to 5.0.x and E-P-I-C to 0.4.0 which is pretty cool. I look forward to playing with Mattise4MyEclipse soon.

Helpful hint: NTLM authentication for proxies should be performed in Window->Preferences->MyEclipse->Internet Tools->Proxy, not the other, random locations for configuring proxies.

At last my attack of prickly heat is over. Phew. I never thought I'd complain about hot weather!

I keep thinking of useful open source/free software that I could scratch my itch on, and then find that someone else has already done it.

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