Sunday, November 18, 2007


Having recently switched back to Fedora (8), I thought I'd try out Red Hat's free Liberation fonts, and they are beautiful. Don't get me wrong, Bistream's fonts (which they kindly gave away freely to us Unix-heads) are very nice and set a new standard, but I'm blown away at the quality of the Liberation fonts.

They're available for most platforms, and I'd strongly suggest you give them a try.


[mRg] said...

That font is really nice .. although zero and captial 'oh' are impossible to distinguish which is a bit of a shame.

Ive been looking into some new fonts for coding recently .. Droid Sans Mono (from google i believe) has been recommended to me but my current fave is Consolas I think it is a really excellent font although I have had to bite the ClearType bullet on windows but it really does make this font look great! Liberation is the closest ive seen to a font to give it a run for its money. Its quite sad really me harping on about fonts but i think when you have to use them everyday once you make a chnage to a good font it really makes a difference. Ive also been trying to work out a good theme for the IDE.. black or grey or white backgrounds .. whats your preference ?

Dina is also a good font but not really for coding I use it for the output console / unit testing output -- green on black .. looks luuuvely. (

nic said...

It doesn't look quite as good on Windows XP as it does on Unix. Which is a shame. The mono font works well (except on grey backgrounds in eclipse tabs on XP).

I use a white background. Standard Eclipse.

In days of yore, I've used wheat and black backgrounds (back in my XEmacs days) and before that, er, white or grey depending on whether the screen could handle more than 1-bit depth ;-)