Thursday, July 31, 2003

Red Hat Linux (Project?) 9.0.93

So Red Hat have launched a new public beta (9.0.93) of their standard Linux distro.

Now, I am a Red Hat apologist/defender/user/admin/whatever. Take that as a pre-warning against a positive comment...

I upgraded to 9.0.93 on my laptop to see what it was like as a desktop distro. Compared with RHL 9, we have stuff like Evolution 1.4 (phew) and a newer Mozilla. Plus I installed Epiphany to check that out. All in all, it's a welcome imporvement over 9.

Compared with RHL9 with Ximian Desktop 2 (xd2): well for me at least, it's just as good. (In fact for me it's better than xd2, simply because I prefer the default panel set up by RH than xd2 (but you can, and I do, change them).

I don't know the history between the galeon/GNOME/epiphany developers, but Epiphany does not seem to be as well-featured as galeon 1.3.x (the standard browser in xd2).

Whatever, all 3 combos are good, but xd2 and RHL 9.0.93 are a welcome improvement over RHL 9's desktop, and for me the RHL version just has that edge.

Both teams deserve congratulations.

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