Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Ximian Evolution 1.4, 2.0 and XD2

In this article we're shown some screenshots of a (possible) future interface for Evolution 2.0.

Now despite my previous rant about Ximian Connector, I am a fan of Ximian Evolution. 1.2 was damned good and pretty stable, and 1.4 and all of Ximian Desktop 2 (xd2) is amazing.

I love the fact that, at last, all the apps I have are using the same toolkit (and the same version) with the obvious exception of ooo.

KDE users may sneer as they've always had this sort of thing, but I just prefer using GNOME. KDE for me, feels too much like a certain prevalent desktop operating environment.

Back to those screenshots: they look great, and give a more logical and usable sidebar than the Outlook-esque navbar (which I rarely use, but keep for eye-candy). Go for it Evolution hackers, many happy users await these kewl improvements to an already great product!

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