Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Mr Floppy

Mr Floppy-Drive that is (as opposed to anything else).

I finally, after 10+ years in computing, found a real use for a floppy drive. I haven't really had to use one since I worked out how to make El-Torito CDs (about the time of Red Hat 6.0).

Kickstart installations. I did them some time ago (about Red Hat 7.x) but forgot all aboput them. Now that we've standardised on hardware (HP Proliant DL series) and OS (RHEL 3 and 2.1) it's become an easier task to do. An NFS install is as fast as a CD install (or faster, just) and I can go off and do other things, safe in the knowledge that all the installs are guaranteed equal. (Don't try FTP installs - they take an age and are unreliable).

The Senior Windows Monkey also uses floppy disks to automate installs. If I get any higher in the organisation, will I have to use punch cards?
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