Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Mr Floppy

Mr Floppy-Drive that is (as opposed to anything else).

I finally, after 10+ years in computing, found a real use for a floppy drive. I haven't really had to use one since I worked out how to make El-Torito CDs (about the time of Red Hat 6.0).

Kickstart installations. I did them some time ago (about Red Hat 7.x) but forgot all aboput them. Now that we've standardised on hardware (HP Proliant DL series) and OS (RHEL 3 and 2.1) it's become an easier task to do. An NFS install is as fast as a CD install (or faster, just) and I can go off and do other things, safe in the knowledge that all the installs are guaranteed equal. (Don't try FTP installs - they take an age and are unreliable).

The Senior Windows Monkey also uses floppy disks to automate installs. If I get any higher in the organisation, will I have to use punch cards?

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Snodge said...

Use cd's instead, then to keep the disc image up to date, you could prolly mount it using deamon tools in 'doze to write to it, or probably using the linux loopback mounting thingy. It would also be intersting to see if these new servers allow booting off USB too...

Oh, btw - check this out: