Thursday, August 05, 2004

I am not alone

At the weekend I went to a CLIC funded conference, called the 1st annual UK Survivors' Group meeting. Other countries have had these things before and globally, all groups like CLIC can talk to each other about how such events are co-ordinated through the ICCCPO.

Anyhow, enough of the shameless link-farming.

What was weird for me, was meeting other "survivors" (that appears to be the term used, although it sounds like we were in a 'plane crash). I've never met one before, and meeting 20-30 in one go was amazing. The other "survivors" were such lovely people and I mean that. What was really weird was that I seemed to just click with them all. The common bond we all shared meant that we seemed to be able to understand each other at some subliminal level.

I have made many new friends and a new understanding of myself. I am not alone; there are other people like me.

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