Monday, August 09, 2004

My next computer 2

Previously in the world of nic (blog edition), I wrote that my next machine would be badged (if they still do) as the equivalent of a "6300".

That kind of assumed that I'd need a desktop machine. But if broadband ever makes it out here, I won't need a fixed machine connected to the modem - an ADSL router, a touch of WiFi and shazam, no fixed computer desk any more. (I'm using my laptop wirelessly at the moment to write this, but my main machine is dialed up (bit of ssh action) and acting as a router).

So, I was thinking about replacing my main machine with a new laptop... At the moment, assuming Fedora Core compatibility, I'm thinking about perhaps an Acer Ferarri 3200 (Mobile AMD 64 2800 based + ATI graphics) or Apple Powerbook G4 (1.5GHz 15" or 17" - no need for Linux! except maybe YDL for pointless fun) or some Sony or even HP thing. It'll probably never leave the house so a 17" monster won't be too bad.

Now I just need to find the money... One advantage desktops have is that they're a heck of a lot cheaper and not everything needs to be upgraded at once.

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Snodge said...

Also to remember that the nforce 3 platform should be available for the next SATA speed sometime just before xmas :)