Friday, September 24, 2004


I've moaned previously about a "CD" I bought which wasn't a CD-DA disc, but some copy-protected 5 inch silver coaster, which would only play in my main CD player. On recommendation from [mRg], I downloaded EAC (which runs on the evil OS). Fantastic. I took over six hours to copy to .wav files, but now at last I have a copy that will play in my car and on all my computers and my DVD player (which the original couldn't)!

It just shows that copy-protection has been and always will be crackable. Plus, I should have had the right to play the disc wherever I wanted in the first place. So what sense does copy-protection make? None at all.

Take heed record companies - pissing off your customers does not make a great amount of sense. It's months since I bought this CD, and I haven't been able to play it much at all. This means less enjoyment - less satisfaction and less value for money. In fact I've been pretty disgruntled. Next time I buy one of these pieces of shit, I'll rip it with EAC, photocopy the cover and send the original back. Something I've never done with my other >1,000 CDs (or >1,000 pieces of vinyl for that matter). This will:
  • reduce your income
  • piss your resellers off
  • compensate me for the emotional distress you've caused me with this non-CD.
Bastards. Silly, silly bastards

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Snodge said...

What pisses me off is that I can usually buy a DVD which has a 2 hour film on it and a 5.1 channel sound track for about the same price as an audio only 2 channel inferior sound quality "CD".