Thursday, October 21, 2004

Gaim, BLAM!, notification panel, xscreensaver, bus, Liverpool, workrave, Lq

Various things:
  1. Gaim - I wish gaim would show me as "away" automagically. Lq started typing at me the morning (from Oz) but guess what? I was still at home in bed. (Aside to Lq: hope you and A are having lekker time - thanks for message!)
  2. BLAM! - Read this with excitement. Finally worked out that it only disappears from the GNOME notification panel area when I've read/ma
  3. GNOME notification panel area: a bone of contention with some people. When I close gaim, it keeps running in the notification panel (the behaviour I want). When I close BLAM! the application quits completely.
  4. Why xscreensaver still looks like it did when I first started using it, by JWZ.
  5. The bus hit a car on the way in this morning gouging a hole in the car's front tyre.
  6. Liverpool is the most modern and forward-looking city in Britain - they're banning smoking.
Back to work - and workrave is telling me to have a break (again).

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Avon Lady said...

Certainly having / had a lekker time and currently reading your news from Singapore. Strangely, they have chosen a pan pipe arrangement of "Any Dream Will Do" from Joseph and the etc. to entertain us on this humid evening. (I thought I'd share that with you.)