Friday, October 01, 2004

Ubuntu 3

More comments about the fab Ubuntu Linux.

I installed it on sylvester (my venerable Dell Inspiron 2500 laptop) using "Sounder 9" (the Sounder pre-releases are known to install properly). First the problems:
  • The supplied version of grub is bollocks :-) It's obsessed with ext[23] as opposed to any real filesystems (XFS, JFS).
  • Not an ubuntu problem, but I got my keyboard wet, which screwed things up wonderfully!
  • The installer is dog-ugly - I'm used to anaconda.
But that's it! My other install went horribly, so I didn't know what really went on. (The other install wasn't from a Sounder disk and didn't even install the kernel, grub, modutils, ... let alone a desktop)!

What you get with this install is a fully-featured, working GNOME 2.8 desktop installed with everything you could actually want. Unbelievable.

This is only a preview release of the first version of Ubuntu and it's nearly as good as Fedora Core already.

It was also a piece of piss to get my prism54 card working properly - a quick look at the wiki and that was it. Fantastic. (The firmware was already in the right place). I'm loving laptop-mode, too. Clever.

I'm becoming a convert, and I've used Red Hat Linux/Fedora Core since RHL 4.1. Weird...

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