Saturday, December 11, 2004

The Distro dilemma

I upgraded my work desktop machine to Ubuntu Hoary (very early development version - not due until April) amd while it was perfectly stable, living on the bleeding edge of desktop development isn't for me. Plus it still didn't fix the outstanding issues I had with Ubuntu (which were caused by using a borked pre-release of Warty which didn't set a lot of stuff up properly, and was unable to resolve certain package dependies).

So I re-installed with my distro of choice - Fedora Core 3. I'm familiar with RHL/RHEL/FC so I can just get it all working how I like with all the extra RPMs that I want from sites like dag, etc.

Now here's my situation as of two days ago:
  • e082 (work) Ubuntu Warty 04.10
  • sylvester (aging laptop) Mandrakelinux 10.1 Powerpack
  • tom (home workstation) Fedora Core 3
What I really want is:
  • e082 (work) Fedora Core 3 - familiar - similar to RHEL servers.
  • sylvester (aging laptop) Ubuntu Warty 04.10 - best support for power on my laptop
  • tom (home workstation) Mandrakelinux 10.1 Powerpack - comes with a lot of (proprietary) software that's good for my main machine (ATI drivers, DVB, DVD)
Actually what my ultimate dream would be Fedora Core 3 with 3rd party apps/drivers/etc. from Mandrakelinux Powerpack and all the cool bits from Ubuntu (best APM support, sensible menus, loads of prebuilt stuff available via Synaptic/apt-get/etc) but all bundled on about 8 CDs ( - I need media for home).

  • Firefox 1.0
  • Evolution 2.0.x
  • GNOME 2.8
  • J2SE 5 + Java-GNOME
  • Mono 1.0.x

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